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our roots

Valley Roots Farm is a chemical-free regenerative farm, focused on living soils and healthy ecosystems. They pride themselves on growing the highest quality produce and raising the happiest chickens, hogs, and cows.  Improving the land is always on their mind, as they rotate all animals and produce throughout the year.  All livestock is raised on pasture and fed all-natural NON-GMO feed.  All animals are antibiotic and hormone free.

Valley Roots Farm started much earlier then 2017. Tyler is a fifth generation farmer on this piece of land which has been in his family since 1909.  The "Home Place," as Tyler's “Paw Paw” called it, has been a bed and breakfast, dairy farm, hog farm, as well as commodities (soy, wheat, and corn) farm.  Along with the rich family history, portions of the Civil War, specifically the Battle of Cedar Creek, were fought on site. You can often find them roaming the property and enjoying the land with their dogs and baby girl, Olive.  Come join them anytime.