Growing practices…

VRF strives to let their hogs live off of the land as much as possible. These hogs are great foragers, but are also fed all natural, non-GMO feed from Sunrise Farms, Inc. in Stuarts Draft, VA.  They are rotationally grazed through 1/2 acre paddocks, allowing the pigs to root and express their pigness (thank you Joel). This helps regenerate the land and leave it better than they found it!

Breakfast Bundle - $35

1 lb. - Bacon

1 lb. - Sausage

1 lb. - Breakfast Links

1 doz - Eggs

10 lb. of pork at $9.99/lb (save 7.5%)

3 lb. - Sausages (Hot Italian, Chorizo, Breakfast)

1 lb. - Blade Steaks

1 lb. - Pork Chops (2/pack)

1 lb. - Loin Chop

2 lb. - Bacon (Smoked/Cured or Unsmoked/Uncured)

1 lb. - Smoked Pulled Pork

1 lb. - Shanks

20 lb. of pork at $8.99/lb (Save 17%)

3 lb. - Sausages (Hot Italian, Chorizo, Breakfast)

2 lb. - Blade Steaks

3 lb. - Pork Chops (2/pack)

2 lb. - Loin Chop

5 lb. - Bacon (Smoked/Cured or Unsmoked/Uncured)

1 lb. - Smoked Pulled Pork

3 lb. - Boston Butt

1 lb. - Shanks

30 lb. of pork at $7.99/lb (save 24%)

6 lb. - Sausages (Hot Italian, Chorizo, Breakfast)

3 lb. - Blade Steaks

3 lb. - Pork Chops (2/pack)

4 lb. - Loin Chop

4 lb. - Boston Butt

5 lb. - Bacon (Smoked/Cured or Unsmoked/Uncured)

2 lb. - Smoked Jowl

1 lb. - Smoked Pulled Pork

2 lb. - Shanks

Larger quantities get a better price per lb.

How WE Sell whole/half hogs!

Alright, so you just bought a new upright freezer, now it's time to fill it up!  We are here to help. 

Valley Roots Farm will deliver a hog of your choosing to any processor with in 30 miles.  You will pay VRF a price/lb of HANGING WEIGHT, not on the hoof.  Our hanging weights average between 180-250 lbs.  Then you, the customer, talk with the processor.  Since each processor is different and value added items (bacon, cured hams, pulled pork) cost different prices, we think it's best we step aside and let the processor talk you through the cut sheet.  Call us with further questions.